I am a theologian, trustee, writer, professor, Orthodox Christian, book lover, amateur naturalist,
nonprofit coordinator and consultant, friend, wife, and mother of five living in the Pacific Northwest.

Coming soon:

My book, Maternal Body: A Theology of Incarnation from the Christian East, will be published by Paulist Press in June of 2019. Maternal Body places Orthodox sources—icons, hymns, and prayers—on motherhood into conversation with each other. In so doing, this work brings an anchored vision of motherhood to the twenty-first century—especially the embodied experience of motherhood.

Recently published:

The Reception of the Holy and Great Council: Reflections of Orthodox Christian Women, ed. Carrie Frederick Frost (New York: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Department of Inter-Orthodox, Ecumenical, and Interfaith Affairs, 2018). This volume includes thirty essays by an international group of Orthodox Christian women who offer a diversity of responses to the Holy and Great Council of 2016 and meaningful reflections on the conciliar life of the Church at large. It includes an essay of mine, “A Legacy of Inclusion: Women and Future Councils,” and is available for purchase on the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Marketplace.